Offices 1 picHave you ever wondered where all the carpet goes that is used? Stuff that has been walked on, spilled on, and crushed beneath heavy furniture? You might be surprised where it all goes. At Blue Ridge Recycling we specialized in recycling used carpet and carpet pad.

Welcome to Blue Ridge Recycling. Here we sort carpet and prepare it for recycling. We also sort and process carpet padding for recycling. Because we sort and process the carpet and carpet pad for recycling, we have been able to divert large amounts of these two products from the landfill. Not only does this keep the local landfills from being overfilled with waste, but the carpet and pad get recycled into new products and materials.

So, if you have carpet and/or pad to discard, consider participating with Blue Ridge Recycling to recycle it instead of throwing it away into the landfill. You'll be happy, we'll be happy, and the landfill people will be very happy. To learn more about recycling your carpet and carpet pad, choose an option from the list at the left.

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Collecting carpet

carpet picWhile there are many ways to collect carpet and pad, there are only a few good ways in which to get it done. After a number of years of experimenting with different collection systems, Blue Ridge Recycling has three different ways in which carpet and pad can be collected and brought to our warehouse. All three systems will save the customer time and money. Each has been designed with a different volume of collections based on store size as well as the amount of used carpet being generated.

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Large needs

For larger clients, it makes sense to use a large container. In these cases a tractor trailer is used as a storage container. When the trailer is full, the client simply calls Blue Ridge Recycling for an exchange and a clean trailer is changed for the full one. It's that simple. No hassle no fuss. Simple and effective. A set of stairs is even supplied for the initial setup. Our larger clients have realized almost a 50% reduction in waste management costs.

Medium size needs

When the job is not so large, a smaller container will do. In these instances a 15 cubic yard container will do. With the smaller container our clients get a smaller footprint for those areas that are a little tighter to get in and out of.

With either system, the client saves time and money. Waste elimination costs are greatly reduced and the used material is recyled instead of being dumped into a landfill. A win win situation.

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Drive-in and drop off

If you are just doing a one-time carpet replacement (i.e. house, small office, etc.), it is easy just to bring it directly to the warehouse. Simply gather up the carpet and pad and take it to the main warehouse for a drive through drop-off. There it can be unloaded with NO FEE and we will take it from there. To help speed things along it is best to bring carpet with no trash or other materials such as tack strips, knife blades, or other miscellaneous materials.

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Commercial accounts

For those commercial or construction jobs with one-time needs (large or small), please contact one of our recyling experts to help determine the best and most effiecient way to collect the carpet and pad. With the current options available, we can find the best way to handle the used material.

Some of our clients include universities such as UNC Charlotte, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, and WInston-Salem State to name a few. In the banking sector our clients include Wells Fargo and Bank of America. In the area of motels/hotels those served are names like Quality Inn, Mariott, and Extended Stay. Some government institutions are Ft. Jackson, Ft. Bragg, Camp Lejuene, and the City of Charlotte. All of these organizations found it easy and worhtwhile to recycle their carpet materials with us. If you need LEEDs points, the current project requires carpet recycling, or just want to feel good about helping the environment please contact Blue Ridge Recycling. We can help with your recycling needs.

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Purchase supplies

Shop1 pic Shop2 pic

For those in need of carpet supplies, Blue Ridge has an on site store at its 3811 North Davidson, Charlotte, NC, store. The store is a division of Allied Products. You can come to the supplies store to purchase almost any carpet product, supply, or tool needed to install carpet. Items such as tack strips, tape, blades, adhesives, tools,etc., are available in the store. Not only can you drop off your discarded carpet and pad, but you can buy what you need to install new carpet.

To see a more complete line of products that Allied offers, just click in this link to the Allied Products web site. You may also call Eli directly at (704) 332-2788.

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Buyer information

For those interested in purchasing product from Blue Ridge Recycling, please choose from the list below. After making your selection(s), add any comments you would like to send to us. Please include any contact information you would like us to have besides the e-mail address (as that will automatically be sent with the e-mail).

List of Currently Available Products
Nylon 6 Nylon 6,6 Polypropylene
Condux Carpet Squares Fibers
Shavings Scrap plastic Scrap pad

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Contact us

To contact one of our recycling experts, use the following information:

Robert Gleaves (704)807-3680 robert.gleaves@blueridgerecycling.com
Monty Thompson (704) 807-3681 monty.thompson@blueridgerecycling.com

Visit us at :

3811 North Davidson Charlotte, NC 28205

Contact us by selecting the job size you want more information on -

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Hours and map

Hours of operation - Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

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